Are Dental Implants Safe

Titanium Dental Implants

Many researches have been made on implant procedures from previous years to this time. Innovative companies such as SOLVO Dental Implants are developing implant systems with technological advances. The beginning of these studies has gained a new impetus with the use of titanium in the 20th century. In this way, today's reliable and high quality results are achieved in terms of both surface properties and the form of implant properties.

When we discuss the dental implants’ reliability, there are a lot of companies, such as SOLVO Dental Implants, that have been producing dental implants for many years and also regularly publish their reports on implant follow-up for a very long period. In addition, many companies that have just started production have started to show themselves in the market field. As the product variety also increases, patients are of course asking the question: Are dental implants safe? There are important points to be considered in these issues. Firstly, the distributors need to examine the brands that have a variety of products. At that point, the places where the dental implant products provide the guarantee loom large. Case reports of the companies that produce dental implants are published for a long time are also safe. At these stages, companies that have reached around 98% and 99% success rates should be preferred. However, in addition, it is necessary to know that patients who suffer from excessive use of cigarette smoking, alcohol use, oral hygiene and health problems will decrease the success rate of treatment by a few points.

Are Dental Implants Safe?

Let's ask the same question in the treatment dimension of the job: are dental implants safe? Dental implants have been practiced in the world for about 45 years. After all necessary examinations are performed, implant applications can be performed safely with local anaesthesia. However, complications that can be seen in any other treatment method in dentistry can also be performed in implant treatments. For example, suppose that an excessively decayed tooth moves to the nerve tissue that we call pulp. This tooth is anesthetized after radiographic evaluation. Then, the bruise cleansed canal treatment is started. However, in the course of the canal treatment, the thin-tip channel part may break within the root and this may cause the current tooth to be pulled. Some complications, such as this, may also develop in the treatment of dental implants.

More and more, the surgeon should carefully evaluate the anatomical structures. The most important of these anatomical formations are the sinus cavities for the upper jaw and the mandibular canal for the lower jaw and the vein-nerve packet that we call the mental foramen. If these anatomical formations in the upper and lower jaws are not carefully examined and the implant size is not calculated carefully, the sinus cavity may be punctured in the upper jaw. This may initiate a series of events that may occur in the patient until chronic sinusitis. However, if the dentist is aware of the situation and corrects this perforation, the current problem is prevented.

Perforation of the mandibular canal in the lower jaw may cause permanent numbness in the lips and cheek area in some cases. Because the nerve cells are damaged by this trauma in the vein-nerve bundle and the renewed nerve cells called regeneration is a difficult and long process. If the implant has been placed in the area where the vein-nerve bundle passes, it must be removed immediately. If there is perforation during surgery, vitamin B complex is recommended to be use by the patient for several months after the procedure.

If traumatic surgery is performed in implant surgery, fractures and cracks may occur in the jawbone during implantation. A qualified dentist can easily correct existing cracks and fractures during the procedure. Some biomaterials called membrane and bone powder can also be used. If very advanced fractures occur, fixation screws and jawbone fractures are fixed together. All these complications include treatable conditions. However, they are important because they can cause pain and comfort loss to the patient. The safe of the dental implant operation is significant for health at every stage. The professional dentist should carefully evaluate the patient’s health by criticizing clinical and radiographic reports. In addition, non-traumatic surgical intervention must be meticulously performed.

All in all, we hope you have the answer to the question: are dental implants safe? You should have all the necessary tests for your health. After that, you should choose the right material and start the operation with a good physician. The result will be to have durable teeth that will be used throughout life with the sacrifice of the patient. SOLVO Dental Implants recommends that the patients must take all necessary tests for their health. After that, they should choose the qualified dental materials and start the operation with a good dentist. The result will be to have healthy, clean teeth that will be used throughout life with the sacrifice of the patient.