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Are Dental Implants Wort It

Imagine a moment where your tooth is severely painful. A single toothache will bring you many problems with terrible whining, , not wanting to do anything, cutting appetite etc. Would you like to find temporary remedies for this, or is it a permanent solution? If your answer is yes, if you want to regain your natural teeth and your dentist agrees with you, you should have a dental implant. At that point, patients usually ask a dentist or a person who has previously attempted dental implant operation: are dental implants worth it?

Simply we can answer the question by saying, “YES!” But of course we will try to answer some question to help you decide for yourself.

The implant is the artificial tooth root made from the appropriate material and placed in the jawbone to restore the function and aesthetics of the missing teeth. Traditional coating is a much safer and more functional alternative to bridge and palate prostheses.

  • Implant treatment is a more robust and reliable method than other methods.
  • The implants on the implant replace the real teeth and thus form a natural structure.
  • When the missing teeth with the implant are completed, healthy teeth will not be touched.
  • As it adapts to the bone, it provides safe support to your teeth.
  • Dental implants prevent bone osteolysis.
  • Eating, talking, chewing doesn't hurt.
  • A more healthy and aesthetic tooth appearance is achieved with the implant. Therefore, it causes a beautiful face image.

The success of implant treatment depends on many factors. These factors can be listed as follows:

  1. The choice of physician in implant treatment is very important. A rigorous examination process is required when the physician decides to implant the implant. The hasty decisions made without careful consideration would be more costly and result will be disappointed.
  2. Implants are produced in various sizes and structures. The choice of implants whose forms are different from each other is extremely important. The dentist should examine the jawbone and the patient's general condition and choose the right implant. Implant failure may result from improper implant selection or overloading of the osteosynthesis.
  3. Another important issue in implant treatment is the brand of implants. There are many brands and structures in the world. These implants may be improperly manufactured as well as improper or poorly manufactured implants. And these implants are sold cheaper in the world market. In case of poor quality implant material, allergic reactions, delayed recovery as a result of vascular disorders, pain triggered by the implant may be negative. However, quality titanium implants have no known side effects or allergic reactions in the human body. On the contrary, quality implants have become inseparable structures with jawbone.

Therefore, when you ask that, “Are dental implants worth it?” you should be sure that you talk about all the situations which we, SOLVO Dental Implants, listed above, with your dentist. Otherwise, you can endanger your health by cheaply and non-qualified implant. When you take your precautions, you will be comfortable with your dental implants just like your natural teeth. You are going to tell everyone that, dental implants worth everything you have ever experienced.