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In this article, we, SOLVO Dental Implant family, as one of the best dental implant will explain how to act during your implant treatment process in general. It is just as important for us to have the highest quality titanium implants that you will carry during the implant process and to choose the best dental implant company. When you decide to use SOLVO Dental Implant’s products, you will never regret choosing us with its rapid healing process and natural tooth feeling.

What should be done before implant process?

After starting implant treatment; just before dental extraction operations, the patient's films are evaluated and an idea about the quality of the jaw bone is obtained. After, the type of implant to be used by the dentist is decided. This step is very significant because the implants are produced in different shapes and sizes according to different situations. Again at this stage; it is very unlikely to encounter any negative consequences as the patient is informed of all the transactions to be performed and the image after the completion of the transactions will be shown.

After the tooth extraction is completed, the implants will be inserted. Hygiene in the mouth must be ensured before implanting. Because; the implantation of the implant products is a purely surgical operation and the situation of sterilization in this operation is very important.

After providing the necessary hygiene; the gums in the area where the implants will be placed are opened by your dentist in surgical operation. After the jaw bone is seen, the implant opens enough space before the bone is loaded too much and the implants are screwed. These implanted implants are covered with cover screws and the opened gums are re-sewn. Following this operation; there is a waiting period of 1 to 3 months and this waiting period may vary according to implant brands.

Repeat 3 to 5 minutes of ice treatment at 10 minute intervals after your implants have been installed!

It is normal to see swelling in the relevant areas after implantation. The application of ice from outside the mouth (cheek) for 3 to 5 minutes at the site of the implants should be repeated at 10 minute intervals. This will alleviate the swelling to a certain extent.

Don't consume hard foods!

Because the gums opened with surgical operation were closed by suturing; the sutures should not be impacted during the healing process. Care should be taken not to consume hard foods and to apply pressure to the stitched area until the stitches are removed.

How to feed?

After the implants are installed, you need to be careful about feeding for several months. In this period, which is the boiling process of the titanium implant with the jaw bone; foods that are too hot or too cold should not be consumed. Otherwise; damage to the stability of the implant. Your dentist will have advice on this; but we can still make recommendations about the foods you should consume.

You can eat at room temperature;

  • Yogurt, cheese and milk
  • Soft cooked eggs and meat
  • Different kinds of soup
  • Freshly squeezed fruit juices from kiwi, apple and strawberry
  • Soft foods such as custard and bread

Smoking and alcohol usage!

Alcohol and cigarette consumed after the implantation of the implants adversely affect the healing process. If you continue to consume these two substances; Let's list the negativities you will encounter on your implants below:

  • Preparing the ground for bacterial plaques, increasing the risk of inflammation
  • Depending on carbon monoxide and toxic factors; titanium implants adversely affect fusion with jawbone
  • Depending on carbon monoxide and toxic factors; titanium implants adversely affect fusion with jawbone
  • Reduces blood supply

Smokers are particularly required to quit smoking for 15 days prior to implantation and for 1 month thereafter.