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Best Dental Implant Manufacturers

The most important consideration when making a dental implant is to trust your dental implant manufacturer. As SOLVO Dental Implant, we work with a large team to produce suitable, compatible dental implants for everyone and receive feedback from our customers. Important factors such as your tooth structure and jaw structure affect both the surgical process and the healing process afterward. In order to undergo this operation, you must have a proper jaw structure with priority. This treatment can be applied to all teeth as well as one tooth. Therefore, in the first stage, you should decide with your doctor what your priority is. Your dentist then decides how appropriate you are to the operation by performing a complicated study of your gum, jawbone and tooth root. After that, you will be warned about the risks. If both you and your team and team agree, the treatment process starts.

The damaged tooth or the roots of the teeth are removed and replaced with implants. Application is performed with the help of anaesthesia. This stage is surgical and is the most important stage. Just like the real roots, it should adapt to our body and not cause any distress. After placement, it enters the healing process. This process varies according to the patient and lasts between 60 and 120 days. In particular, the treatment of anterior teeth can create aesthetic problems in this process, as your doctor sees fit in this process you have the opportunity to use temporary teeth. Everything goes well, and after your implants are in full harmony, the second step is the placement. Artificial teeth that are similar to your teeth in colour and size are prepared according to your mouth size and placed on your implants.

As with any surgical operation, some side effects may occur. Resting at home after your implants are installed is an important option for both treatment and you. You may need to pay attention to what you eat and drink for a while. It is very important that you do not consume harmful substances such as cigarettes. Pain and swelling may occur in your gums. In rare cases, it may cause occasional swelling of the face. In case of heavy bleeding or persistent bloating, you should inform your doctor. With painkillers, your pain will be minimized and will end soon. If your stitches do not fall, your control routine can be taken with your doctor. Other than that, your body may rarely accept the implant. In such cases, the necessary treatment is applied by your physician again.

The most important advantage is definitely robustness. You will have an artificial tooth as strong as your own. Of course, you need to remember that she needs as much care as your real tooth. Your oral hygiene with healthy and regular controls will help you avoid strangers to your new teeth. When you choose us as SOLVO Dental Implant manufacturer, there will be no obstacles between you and a beautiful smile.