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Best Implant Brand

It is important to work with the best and well-known brands for patients who will receive the dental implant treatment. Your teeth, which are in contact with you all day long, should not give an artificial feeling. For this purpose, SOLVO, one of the best implant brands, has answered some of the frequently asked questions in this article on the use of sterilized and specially designed products.

Is there any pain in implant application?

With the anesthesia application, implant treatment is completed without pain. Pain that may occur after application can be relieved with an appropriate painkiller. The pain in this treatment is as much as the pain after a normal tooth extraction. Recovery is achieved within 1-3 months after implant placement. During this process, temporary prostheses are placed on the patients.

How long will the implant treatment be completed?

The completion of the treatment varies depending on the patient's condition and the content of the procedures performed. The operation is completed in half an hour or 1-2 hours. Approximately 1-3 months later, permanent prostheses are replaced and treatment is completed according to the bone structure and teeth of the patients. SOLVO Dental Implant accelerates the healing time with quality implant materials prepared with special components. With this feature, you can safely use SOLVO Dental Implant products, which are produced by the best implant brand.

Is it necessary to give importance to implant cleaning?

You should pay more attention to the foreign substances that are inserted into the mouth than your own teeth. Implants are easy to clean and do not take much time. The most important factor for dental health and successful dental treatment in humans is the importance to be given to oral and dental hygiene.

How to place a permanent prosthesis on the implant?

The placement of permanent prostheses during implant treatment varies depending on the shape and properties of the prosthesis. Permanent prostheses are sometimes fixed with porcelain prostheses and the patient uses the prosthesis like his own tooth. Sometimes palate prostheses can be applied in such a way that the patient can insert and remove them.

For the implant application to give a natural appearance, it is necessary to give importance to the porcelain teeth made on the implant application. Especially in the treatment of anterior teeth, the use of porcelain teeth will provide naturalness. In addition, zirconium abautment and zirconium prostheses can be preferred for anterior teeth. They give a more natural and aesthetic appearance. In molar teeth, durability can be achieved with prostheses made with titanium-based abautments. Since molars are used for chewing and grinding food, prostheses with titanium abautment seem to be more suitable.

With the best quality titanium alloy implants and other products, SOLVO Dental Implant is a dental implant brand that can be used safely and healthily for life.