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Dental Distributors

In patients with good general health and growth and development, bone structure can be evaluated by panoramic x-ray. In chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure or heart, the implant can be applied if your disease is under control. Dental distributors provide the products preferred by dentists and start treatment.

Sometimes the appropriate amount of bone may not be present in the area where the implant will be applied. In this case, after the evaluation to be performed by the jaw surgeon, bone formation can be increased to the desired size by performing bone formation procedures (augmentation, bone grafting, bone dust application, box technique augmentation).

In most cases, if the bone structure in the area to be implanted is appropriate, it can be implanted very easily immediately after tooth extraction. Generally, the implant is supported by bone dust in the region after this procedure.

Nowadays, there are many brands of implants due to increasing usage in the market place. The company has been in the market for a long time, like SOLVO brings many experiences. By reflecting these experiences on the implants, the companies provide the best service for the implants.

In addition, it is an advantage for the implant that it can be easily found in many different purpose parts called the spacer of the implants. It is important that the implant brand be quality certified products that the physician who is treating and knows the experience and trust.

We can so-call the implant, which has many good features together, a quality implant. Therefore, as SOLVO Dental Implant UK, we are choosing the best implants for our patients. When this happens, both the results are long-lasting and our patients can easily use their implants.