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Dental Implants Suppliers

Choosing a dental implant supplier is an important procedure. As a dental implant supplier, SOLVO Dental Implant manufactures medical products for your oral and dental health for many surgical interventions and operations. In particular, it is very important to protect the oral health and teeth that we have direct connections with every area of health.

Many factors such as tooth decay, habits, diet, periodontal diseases, congenital deficiency (toothless birth) or lack of oral hygiene can cause tooth loss. However, the real water is that, regardless of the reason, it is necessary to replace the tooth for both aesthetic and functional reasons. In healthy teeth, the root transmits the chewing force to the tooth bone. The teeth remain stable and do not change greatly. However, when we lose a tooth, beyond the compromise of the stability of adjacent teeth, a process of bone loss called melting begins.

Teeth naturally take chewing force, and in their deficiencies, the bone does not receive stimulation, causing it to melt vertically and horizontally. Initially, leaving the cavity of the tooth empty may not appear to be a serious condition, but major changes may occur over time.

Possible changes due to tooth loss;

  • Aesthetic changes; It is due to the change in facial features due to lack of support.
  • To fill the gap left by the missing tooth, adjacent and opposite teeth will slide and occupy the space.
  • If the missing tooth is in the front of the mouth, it affects the smile and possibly the self-confidence.
  • Difficulties in speaking and chewing; As a result, it is often due to incorrect chewing, possible digestion and health problems.

For all these reasons, SOLVO, a dental implant supplier, is committed to providing you the best service with its long years of knowledge and experience.