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Top Dental Implant Manufacturers

As the SOLVO Dental Implant family, we have become one of the top dental implant manufacturers on the market based on our many years of experience. Believing in your trust and the success of our team, we wanted to answer some of your basic questions about dental implants.

Am I an implant candidate?

Anyone who is healthy enough to pull teeth can be a suitable candidate for dental implants. However, there are some contraindications that may complicate or prevent implant treatment. Patients with chronic illnesses, patients with certain illnesses such as heavy smoking or alcohol use may not be candidates for implant. Your doctor will determine if this treatment is suitable for you after a complete physical examination and evaluation of your medical history.

Are there any options for failed implant treatments?

Implant failure is rare but may occur. In these cases, the failed implant can be replaced with another one. On the other hand, your dentist and his/her experience is also as important as qualified dental implant products that you will use.

When was dental implant treatment discovered?

In 1952, the Swedish Orthodontist Prof Per-Ingvar Brånemark conducted an experiment in which he used a titanium implant apparatus to study the blood flow in the rabbit bone. After the experiment was completed and it was time to remove the titanium apparatuses from the bone, he discovered that the bone was fully integrated with the implant and that the apparatus could not be removed. Professor Brånemark called this process “osseointegration ve and at this point realized that there was great potential for the use of titanium screws in people who lost their teeth. This research was the first stage of modern dental implant applications. In 1965 Gosta Larsson implanted the first dental implant and the patient lived for 40 years with these implants and died in 2005.

How different are dental implants from dentures?

False teeth are a set of removable teeth or partial teeth which must be removed and looked after in a special way. They can often feel cumbersome and difficult to get used to. Dental implant systems, like natural teeth, offer maintenance-free, removable and non-removable solutions for missing teeth.