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Implant or dental implant; are placed in the bones of the jaw and bone around this implant is intended to heal as a part of itself, made of titanium are made in the form of screws or roots.

Implants; is applied by specialist physicians in this field. A surgical procedure is performed by opening slots in the appropriate position, diameter and length for the implant planned for the jaw bone. Since implant placement is a surgical procedure, quality of materials used, sterilization and hygiene conditions of the environment are among the most important criteria. For this you need to choose top dental manufacturers such as SOLVO. For anesthesia, local anesthesia is sufficient to numb the area.

One week is sufficient if there are no complications for implant treatment. In addition, self-melting sutures can be treated in one day but temporary prosthesis cannot be performed. The first stage of your treatment is implant treatment. In the second stage, the implant is expected to boil to your bone between 3-6 months and then porcelain will be made on the implant within a week. The implant is a surgical procedure. It is performed under local anesthesia and the construction time of a single implant is approximately 10-15 minutes.

We can consider this as the patient's seat time. The time from the start of an implant to the end is only 3-4 minutes. The patient does not feel pain during this period. That area is completely lethargic. Drowsiness passes in 2-3 hours, during this time, our patient can easily overcome this process with the pain killer to be used for 1-2 days and have a healthy implant.

We hear that our patients are sometimes reluctant to receive implant treatment. Mı Will it hurt during the implant? How will I go through this process after the implant is done, will I have pain? Endiş We can say very clearly ‘No Bunlar. Because implant treatment is applied under local anesthesia and our patients do not feel pain during the procedure. After that, there may be very mild pain. In this period, our patients are using painkillers and antibiotics.

If they use their medication correctly and follow the advice of their physician, they will also go through the healing process smoothly. Of course, because of a surgical intervention in the mouth may feel a little uncomfortable. They may not continue to eat their food in a very pleasant way, but this process will take 1-2 days at most. Then everything will return to normal.