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Top Dental Supply Companies

Tooth deficiencies in individuals; functional and aesthetic. These deficiencies in people; It may cause chewing disorders, changes in the mutual closure of teeth, displacement of teeth and chronic jaw joint problems. At that point, patients should search for the top dental supply companies. Since 2018, SOLVO Dental Implant and its experienced team ready for the implant operations as one of the top dental supply companies of the world.

It is very important to choose a top dental supply company and experienced doctor because it is possible to affect the self-esteem of people due to aesthetic problems and speech disorders that may occur due to tooth deficiencies. Today, however, these missing teeth can be safely filled with implants made closest to reality. Both the feeling of chewing is the closest to normal and the possibility of treatment without interfering with other teeth; In our century, implant-containing methods have become one of the most applied treatment methods.

Implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium which are placed in the jawbone in the form of screws in order to eliminate tooth deficiencies. Reason for finding a very common use in dentistry. This is because it can be applied in a wide range from single tooth deficiencies to patients without any teeth. This application is carried out without any intervention to the adjacent teeth. Restorations with support from implants are more protective than traditional bridges because they do not receive support from adjacent teeth.